NLS is a co-operative organisation for the Nordic Teachers' unions.


NLS consists of 16 national organisations, representing almost 600 000 members from 7 Nordic countries and territories: Denmark, Faeroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. NLS cooperates on matters of common interest to the member organisations, and promotes cooperation between teachers in the Nordic countries. One of the most important tasks for NLS is to promote and strengthen the teachers' status in the Nordic countries. The Nordic Teachers' Council - NLS represents the whole educational system in the Nordic countries.

The teachers belonging to the member unions work with early childhood education, primary/secondary education and higher/vocational education. This gives The Nordic Teachers' Council great competence and a coherent picture of education and helps to improve the teachers' terms of work. The Executive Board of NLS meets twice a year and the presidency rotates annually among the affiliated associations. The internal work of NLS is divided into three educational commissions: Early Childhood, Primary/Secondary School and Higher/Vocational Education. These commissions meet twice a year and the main objective of these meetings is to discuss pedagogical and professional matters, and to exchange information between member organisations. NLS also takes active part in all activities of El and ETUCE.

If you are interested in NLS' activities, or if you have questions concerning our work, please contact our office. Our e-mail address is nls(at)